Saturday, August 15, 2015

Keila garden cafe day 2015: lots of sweets and walking

Today we walked  all through Keila to visit as many garden cafes as we could. There were 20 opened this year but we made it to 9 of them. That is pretty good considering we had two small kids with us.

In the morning we visited 4 of them. Later, after nap time, we went and checked out 5 cafes. 

Below are some photos of our visits.

Here you can see the how much people are willing to do when they open a cafe in their back yard. I ate a peace of cake here. They had tables everywhere and lots of people sitting and chatting. 

These were with whipped cream and raspberries:

Our favorite spotted dog candy:

We got waffles and Cat Arthur candy too (those worm looking things).  

They had tables and couches brought out:

Many cafes had also crafts and artwork that they were selling: 

One cafe had a statue of Lenin like this:

One cafe was opened at a local kindergarten grounds and we sure liked it. 

One of our favorites was the library cafe. Just look how cool this is:

They had a small room where you could listen to Estonian poets read their poetry. Our girl wanted to steal the remotes and then messed up the program so when we left the DVD was not playing. We got out fast. Sorry!

We come to the library often. Here is the kids room: 

One porcelain related cafe:

More sweets! 

At one of the cafes we saw a guy working as a waiter getting the food through the window. 

This one was more like a restaurant and we could not stay for long. They had menus, waitresses, lots of tables. 

One that was interesting was related to old times, here:

They had games for kids, like this horsey:

Our daughter liked this fishing game a lot. Or water. Probably just splashing in the water. Matthew was not able to fish out any of the fish unfortunately. 

They also had musicians there playing accordion. 

So next year - come and enjoy. They even had bikes you can rent - electric bikes.
This is just a really awesome thing to bring the community together. 
We love our town!

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