Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Baltic Mission Girls camp

This week I was at the Baltic Mission girls camp, the very first one.
We got a local non profit organization let us use their army tents and sleeping bags. Most girls really loved sleeping in there. You could even light a fire in a little fireplace inside to warm the tent up. One of our girls is in a local  youth army group and new everything about camping, hiking an how to pack up the tents. She even stayed up at night to heat the tents. What a trooper!

We also had a hike - a pioneer hike. Every girls got a different story about a pioneer girl who crossed the plains. In different spots along the way they read parts of the story. We had nice Church members from Utah make aprons and bonnets for all of us and we wore them during the hike. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift!

All the girls hiked to a viewing tower by the Baltic sea - here is the view:

There were old huge oak trees right by the sea. It was beautiful.
The last spot was right on the beach where girls listened a story about a pioneer who was an ancestor of a missionary who served in Estonia and who introduced the gospel to one of our leaders. Then all of the girls had to go and find a rock for themselves to use as a prayer rock. They decorated them later.

Here are our leaders. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Crafts - girls painted on wooden plates. Thank you, Merle, for cutting them out for us.

We also went swimming. Well,  a few of the girls did because it was freezing cold. The summer has so far been very cool here. But some of the girls were crazy enough to jump in.

Our service project was picking berries in the garden of a member who let us use their summer home for our camp. 

We had our mission president and his wife speak at our fireside. They were wonderful and inspirational. See how the light shines on them like they are in the Sacred Grove:

Than is all, folks. The camp was a success!

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