Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer time in Estonia

With all the problems Greece is having it is easy to overlook the positive aspects that EU membership provides.  In Estonia it is almost impossible to not notice the roads, schools, and hospitals that have been built with EU funding.  One thing that often does go unnoticed is rural development that is also funded by the EU.  One interesting aspect of rural development is mini theme parks, which have also received EU funding.  I have no idea why the EU is spending money from rich Western European countries to build mini theme parks in poor European countries, but it works out well for those of us in Eastern Europe.  While these small theme parks can't compete with the Disneylands and SeaWorlds in the US, they provide a colorful entertainment landscape for Estonians.  Lottemaa, Cantervilla, Pokumaa, and so many more!  A few weeks ago we visited Vembu-Tembumaa

They had a large variety of things to do, we liked this climbing place with the slides.  Much bigger and better than the playgrounds in Keila!

Our daughter loves motorcycles, she was happy to get a chance to ride one.

This little hot air balloon was not designed for adults! I was glad I was able to get out in one piece. 

They had a tons of trampolines and all sorts of things to bounce on.  Our daughter hated all of them.

The water was freezing cold, but otherwise it was still fun. 

We didn't go down the slide, but when our kids are older and the water warmer, we'll give it a try.  The food was also great.  It wasn't as good as the giant Turkey legs from Frontier land, but it was very Estonian and very good.  Kohupiima kreem and French fries with special potato seasoning. Vembu-Tembumaa, we'll see you again next year!

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