Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer fun continues: Tallinn Zoo / Tallinna loomaaed

Tallinn Zoo is better than I ever remembered!
They are constantly trying to make it better for everyone, animals included. What I loved the most was actually the landscaping - they have put so much effort into making the zoo look really pretty. 
Here are some animals we saw:

A little resting moment in daddy´s lap:

Ants! A good zoo always has ants. Kids love them. 

Some funny looking birds - reminded us of dinosaurs. 

Great landscaping:

Looking at llamas. 

Tallinn Zoo is in the middle of the city but it is still in the woods, like you can see here. Tall trees and bushes all around make you feel like you are not in the city at all. Our girl felt like running into the woods right away.

Another resting stop to look at  footballs laying around because the leopards were asleep, of course.

The polar bears need a new cage so we donated some money (you can do the same!). One of the bears is called Nora.

 Me and the baby and the bear.

And our favorite - the petting zoo!
These little goats are adorable. They just hang out and everyone can go and pet them. Our daughter liked this rock the most though. Maybe even more than the goats. Kids...

Mr Sightseer says Tallinn Zoo is one of the top 20 zoos. Well, it is number 20. Amsterdam Zoo is number one - we went there last year and it is wonderful.

1. Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam
2. Barcelona Zoo
3. Belfast Zoo
4. Berlin Zoological Garden
5. Bristol Zoo
6. Central Park Zoo, New York
7. Copenhagen Zoo
8. Dublin Zoo
9. RZSS Edinburgh Zoo
10. Lisbon Zoo
11. London Zoo
12. Madrid Zoo Aquarium
13. Melbourne Zoo
14. National Zoological Park, USA
15. Perth Zoo
16. Prague Zoo
17. San Francisco Zoo
18. Skansen Museum & Zoo, Stockholm
19. Taronga Zoo
20. Tallinn Zoo.

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