Thursday, July 2, 2015

Month in review

Where did June go?  Where did May go?  The last two months have been very crazy for us and we are excited for July.  The end of the semester was intense and I'm happy it is over.  Everything ended well with the grading, publishing, PhD dissertation deadline, supervising, new baby, and everything else that was going on.  Our little baby is now over a month old and is doing better at sleeping.  We are now in full summer vacation mode.  People ask us what our summer plans are and our plan is to hang out and adjust to having two kids.  Doing dishes and cleaning the house seem like huge accomplishments.  That said, we have gotten to do some fun things.  Here are a few updates from the month!

Jaanipäev is the second biggest holiday in Estonia and is basically a summer solstice holiday to celebrate the longest day of the year.  Normally Estonians drink beer, grill meat, jump over the fire, and complain about the rain.  This year we couldn't go grill because of the kids but had a great time at home.  It was a perfect gorgeous day in the morning and just by grill time it was raining.
 I started off the day with a bowl of Lion cold cereal, it is one of my favorites and luckily was on sale recently!

 Since we couldn't go outside we decided to go all out with food.  American style meat, Estonian style drinks and snacks. 

Maris mixed up chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers into a really tasty pie.

 Keila has a nice set of walking paths that go through the forest.

 The beach is just 20 min away, we don't go there often but the weather was so nice we couldn't resist.

Nothing beats building a sand castle in the summer.

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