Sunday, June 21, 2015

Keila day

 The last two months have been totally crazy, and as a result we are a bit behind in our blogging.  May 30th was Keila day! It was a huge festival with all sorts of cool things to do, eat, and buy.  The weather was great and it was a good reminder of what a neat place is to live.  For a link to the town's facebook page which has a ton of pictures from the event click here.
 There were tons of awesome things for kids to do.  Our oldest was old enough to know that these things were awesome but not old enough to actually do any of them.  We're excited for next year!

 They even had horse back riding.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What it´s like - baby number 2

When our fist baby was born I did a blog post about it.
Now when our second baby is here and she is almost four weeks old and I have a slight baby blues going on like most new moms I thought to write how things have changed this time around.

1. Learning to  juggle with 3 balls but just having one hand to do it - this is how I feel sometimes when I somehow have to do it all. Our first kid is just 20 months old so it can be tough sometimes. But Matthew assures me that I multitask better than he does. I sometimes even cook while tending two kids! Still, I have to say, I sweat a lot trying to manage. It is a workout!

2. Reading is back in the game. So last time I said I cannot read anymore, this time I read a lot because it is a great coping mechanism - escapism rules! Great high fantasy romance novels do the trick. When ever I have to feed the baby I get my Kindle out and read for a few minutes. It adds up, I tell you!

3. Sleeping like a baby?! Who even says something like that? Our baby is not a sound sleeper but somehow the human body is capable of managing when there is absolutely no way of getting any sleep. I basically zone out when ever possible and nothing out there matters any more. Before kids I was one of those picky sleepers (no sounds etc). Now I am one of those people I was always amazed at who could just fall asleep when ever and where ever.

4. Being a hermit. For some reason people think that when you have a baby then you should be left alone and not bothered. At least here in Estonia people do not want to bother you so they just assume you do not want to be bothered. The truth is I do want to be bothered. I want people to call me, visit me, write me. Because if no one does it then all new moms go crazy. Or second time moms. Any person, really! And if you have a baby for the second time people tend to think you got it and you do not really need help but let me tell you - it is false. No matter how many kids you have you always need support. So thank you for all the people who have visited us and asked how we are doing and given us food. Food is great! It seems like an American thing to do - bring food - but oh boy! how great it is!

5. Emotions. Sometimes I see other moms and think they are perfect. It just seems like they never get frustrated or they get enough sleep or they never get angry etc. I think it is OK to say to everyone out there that being on an emotional roller coaster as a new mom is totally normal. I feel guilty sometimes.. OK, all the time for turning into a wild lioness but what can you do. I just try to become better a little bit every day. If I can do that and then fail and then try again and then fail again and then finally something changes for better then that is called success!

So I end this post with saying that being a mom is still super awesome. I am not saying it is super easy, though. I do not want to misguide any of you out there who do not have kids yet.

Being a parent is important. Family is important. It is part of the plan of our Heavenly Father. He knows that by taking care of others we truly become better people. Better people equals better world.
"Tuesdays with Morrie" is a book that describes what is most important in life - it describes the plan of happiness. If you can, read it.

A couple of photos too:

Monday, June 8, 2015

Number one grandparents!

My mom and dad came out to help with the baby just after she was born, they were life savers! Our baby was born right during my busiest time work wise.  Without them I'm not sure how we would have managed.

Somehow they were able to fit a crazy amount of food, books, and even a bike in their luggage.  Our first kid loved the macaroni and cheese!

 I loved the fruit by the foot.

 It was just like Christmas morning when they unpacked their suit cases.

I'm excited for all the no baked cookies I can make now!

Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful visit, we love you!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Family of four

 Recently Maris gave birth to our second child, we are now a family of four!  It took a little getting used to, the first few days I would walk into the bedroom and turn on the lights because I forgot there was a little baby sleeping there.  Our new baby is super sweet and nice, pretty calm and quiet. 

 We try not to put out too much information on our blog because it is public, but this is our baby's foot!

 This is the view outside of Maris' hospital room, pretty nice!

This is her hospital room, she stayed there for a few days after giving birth to recover, it was small but nice. Normally there are four people to the room so Maris got a private room which cost 15 euros a night!  Our total hospital bill was 45 euros, a bit less than some in the US I am told.  They do things a bit more naturally here, no pain medication for Maris for the second time in a row.  The mid-wife also was talking (after birth) that Estonian women are strong and do a good job (tubli), she wasn't overly accepting of some cultures that are overkill on pain medication (France was her example).  Maris mentioned that the idea of someone shoving a needle in her back was pretty creepy and that giving birth was empowering.  For those wondering why someone would give birth without pain medication (or why someone would give birth at all), I think it is just part of human nature to do hard things.  I'm always amazed at people who go on 50 mile hikes, ragnar runs, or winter camp outs.  Maris was also praised for being soft and stretchy which was credited to a special herbal tea that she had been drinking for months in preparation. The second time giving birth was faster than the first one, thank heavens. 

Having two kids is  awesome.  My favorite part so far has been spending more time with our first kid.  It is certainly a challenge and fortunately for us my parents came to help out. Stay tuned for a future blog post on their visit!