Sunday, May 17, 2015


 For those waiting for news on the arrival of our new family member, stay tuned no news yet.  But we did do some pretty nice renovations (remont) in our apartment.  We forgot to do the before pictures, but I found a few old ones when we moved in.  We got our apartment for a cheap price because there was a leak in the ceiling, water would come in from the upstairs balcony (the apartment below had a leaky ceiling from our balcony).  This eventually turned into a small hole in our sheet rock on the ceiling as it dripped every spring when the snow melted for years.  Finally the balconies got fixed which meant we could then repair the whole.  The value of our apartment should be quite a bit higher now.  While we were at it we decided to get a new light fixture because we hated the old one.

 This is how it looks now.  When the light is turned on you can still see where the hole was patched, but you can't tell when the light is off.  We are very happy that the hole is gone!  There were also some nasty cracks in other parts of the ceiling, so it looks great now.

 This is a picture from before, it doesn't show the cracks or the hole but it does show the light fixture.  Low hanging lights are not a good idea unless there is a high ceiling, which we do not have.  Sometimes I still catch myself being careful when I put my arms up to change my shirt.  Nice to know we are free to not hit our heads or hands on the light anymore. 

 The other remodeling job was to tile the kitchen wall behind the sink.  Maris hated having wall paper behind the sink and the stove top.  It looks great and we are super happy with it. 

Again, we didn't have a before picture but this kind of shows the wall paper behind the sink. Just to state the obvious we did not actually do the remodeling job ourselves.  We have no such skills so we got someone to do it for us.  It took us a while to find someone because companies do not want to do such a small job and individual's don't want to pay any taxes.  Lucky for us we found an honest construction worker and everything turned out just fine.  Estonians will be disappointed in us for getting a remont man, they love to do remodeling themselves.  If you ever ask an Estonian what he or she will do on a weekend it will be one of four things: pick berries in the woods, pick mushrooms in the woods, do garden work at a summer cottage, or do renovations.  Renovating a house or an apartment is usually a multi year project that can sometimes span decades.  I think it gives a sense of purpose.  So in true Estonian form, we have a few more renovation projects to do (meaning paying someone else to do them).  Hopefully we can get them done this year, stay tuned for another remont blog post this fall!

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