Monday, June 1, 2015

Family of four

 Recently Maris gave birth to our second child, we are now a family of four!  It took a little getting used to, the first few days I would walk into the bedroom and turn on the lights because I forgot there was a little baby sleeping there.  Our new baby is super sweet and nice, pretty calm and quiet. 

 We try not to put out too much information on our blog because it is public, but this is our baby's foot!

 This is the view outside of Maris' hospital room, pretty nice!

This is her hospital room, she stayed there for a few days after giving birth to recover, it was small but nice. Normally there are four people to the room so Maris got a private room which cost 15 euros a night!  Our total hospital bill was 45 euros, a bit less than some in the US I am told.  They do things a bit more naturally here, no pain medication for Maris for the second time in a row.  The mid-wife also was talking (after birth) that Estonian women are strong and do a good job (tubli), she wasn't overly accepting of some cultures that are overkill on pain medication (France was her example).  Maris mentioned that the idea of someone shoving a needle in her back was pretty creepy and that giving birth was empowering.  For those wondering why someone would give birth without pain medication (or why someone would give birth at all), I think it is just part of human nature to do hard things.  I'm always amazed at people who go on 50 mile hikes, ragnar runs, or winter camp outs.  Maris was also praised for being soft and stretchy which was credited to a special herbal tea that she had been drinking for months in preparation. The second time giving birth was faster than the first one, thank heavens. 

Having two kids is  awesome.  My favorite part so far has been spending more time with our first kid.  It is certainly a challenge and fortunately for us my parents came to help out. Stay tuned for a future blog post on their visit!


  1. cute post! so...I seem to be the only one in the family who hasn't gotten a picture of the baby yet. will you email me something????!!!!

  2. congratulations to you and Maris, pretty feet and hand and some quarters of the face, all together i can picture a very pretty baby, (nice photography skills...)