Sunday, May 3, 2015

Best birthday ever!

 Happy birthday to me! In Europe my birthday is on a holiday which makes it really nice every year.  This year it also took place on the NFL draft weekend! that made it officially the best birthday ever!

 I went to one of the malls that sells US candy to get stocked up.  After the store I was worried that I would not have enough candy so I bought some more from the cafe at the university.  Then I was still worried about not having enough when a package from my brother came with fruit by the foot, fruit roll ups, and gushers! Perfect.  This picture doesn't include those, the ice cream, or the chips and dip.  Needless to say it was a pretty sweet few days. I watched the draft in the middle of the night eating all my candy.  By day 3 of the draft I was totally out.  I'll have to plan better for next year.  Just a note, the chocolate covered Oreo cookies were very good, probably my favorite of the bunch. 

Instead of eating out we went to the store and got some good food.  We got steak, sausages (with blue cheese) and sweet potatoes.  Choosing the meat was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  The selection in Selver is just totally crazy.  The ready made US style pulled pork was very tempting. 

Maris made me a fantastically beautiful and delicious kräsupea kook, an Estonian classic.  That is a lot of chocolate and sour cream over cake.   We still have some in the fridge thank heavens.  

I loved spending time at home with Maris and our daughter.  The night before we watched interstellar which was really good.  I think the last time I saw a movie was over Christmas break.  

What was my favorite birthday present?  Well that would be the 49ers selecting the largest OL in the 7th round of the draft!  Trenton Brown is 6'8" 355lbs.  He was recently  at 387! but then cut down for the draft.  I just love big fat guys, every year I hope that the 49ers will take a huge fat guy and they never do.  What a special treat this year.  I'm also super excited about their first round draft pick Arik Armstead who is also tall (just over 6'7") but who is a bean next to Brown at 290lbs.  He won't do too much his rookie year, but he should develop into a really good player.  Hats off to Trent Baalke for another fantastic draft!  My plan right now is to vote for him for president as a write in candidate. 

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  1. that cake looks so good! have you seen the movie Draft Day? Ryan loves that one. I be you would too.