Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Month in review

April was a nice month for us, it went by very fast!  It was full of birthdays: my brother Jeff , sister Jill, and Mom all had birthdays, and to top it all off our baby turned 18 months.  Maris had a baby shower here in Keila.  She rented a play room and invited some families that we know.  I've been busy at work and we are waiting for the baby to come.  We finally got around to fixing the hole in our ceiling (meaning we hired someone else to come fix the hole in our ceiling).  There are a few more things to do, so be ready for a remont blog post in the near future!

 This was our easter basket this year, filled with goodies!

 Our baby's favorite was a giant chocolate panda bear.  I noticed later that it was half off the day after Easter.  I think next year we will celebrate a day late, that way we can get twice the amount of candy for the same price!

 This is the play room that Maris rented for her baby shower.

The kids always love going down the slide!

Next month will be much much crazier.  The end of the remont, the NFL draft, my birthday, BA and MA theses to review and supervise, exams, and a new baby! Stay tuned for the updates.

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