Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love the place you live- Keila

Our inspiration for our blog is my sister Jill, her blog is fantastic! One post I remember is the Love the place you live.  We've lived in Keila for a few years now, so that means its time for the Love the place you live blog entry!  A few family nights ago we went to feed ducks at a pond in Kumna.  Kumna is a cluster of houses and apartment buildings 2 kilometers away.  They had a beautiful manor home there as well! We went there to get new summer tires from Rehvi Pros and discovered the manor home and ducks.  It wasn't the most beautiful place in the world, but with ducks and a manor home it beats a lot of the other clusters in the area.  There is also a new walking path that links Keila and Kumna which is awesome. 

 This is the manor home, it looks great from the outside but wasn't open.  There was a blue construction sign up in one window, maybe they never finished the renovations.

 The ducks were not super hungry so we had to chase them around the little pond. 

 Lucky for us two ducks were kind of interested in our bread.

 The grounds around the manor home were also nice.

Proof that the ducks actually ate something!

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  1. awww. thanks. you live in a beautiful place! I love your blog also.