Sunday, March 1, 2015

Americans are from Mars, Europeans are from Venus part 1

As the popular phrase goes: Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus.  There are a lot of differences between living in Europe and living in the US and between Europeans and between Americans.  These types of blog entries seem to be some of the more popular, so I'll try to keep mentioning some of the differences. 

For the first entry I wanted to highlight how much Europeans love hazelnuts.  Americans?  They love peanuts.  Now with globalization this has changes some, you can find Nutella in the USA and peanut butter in Europe, They have even started to sell Reese's peanut butter products which is awesome for us.  But all in all the trends continue, each continent has their preferred nut.  For example you can find a new Snickers version that includes hazelnuts.  I'm not sure if they have this version in the US, but even if they do I'm sure it is more popular in Europe. 

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