Sunday, February 1, 2015

January in review

2015 is 1/12 over! Time flies.  We have been a little out of it with the blog, here is a short update of the last month.

  • Maris had a birthday!  The main celebration was a bit early.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a nice party!

  •  Our US trip finished up well.  We had a nice trip to Utah on the way back.  We got to see some friends who are now at BYU.  Stephen is from the US and Karolina is from Estonia.  We met up at the Cheesecake Factory which is our favorite place to have a final good bye meal. We also got to see my Grandma who will be 90 this year!  Along for the lunch was my aunt and uncle and my Dad's cousin who came to visit us a few years back while on a trip to Finland where he served a mission.
  • Back in Estonia we had a rough battle with jet lag.  We are pretty sure our neighbours had a rough battle with our jet lag too because it is impossible to keep a wild toddler quiet from 2 AM to 5/6/7 AM!  We are back to normal now and it feels good.
  • Our baby has enjoyed going to play at a kids center twice a week.  It is open to the public and a lot of kids come.  Most people live in small apartments which means not much space in the winter time.  Perfect time to go play!  Our baby has also discovered the joy of climbing.  She goes anywhere she can. 
  • We entrusted our baby to a baby sitter for the first and second time this month, she did great! 
  • I got a new calling at church, it's always great to serve even though it can be hard to balance everything.  This is my 6th calling since moving back in 2008, just as I get comfortable I get a new calling.  I guess that's not a bad way of doing it. 
  • I found out that one important article that I am writing with a high school friend was accepted on condition that we make significant changes.  If things go well it will be published in August! I'll keep you posted.  
  • I got grades posted and started teaching new courses for the Spring semester.  I have to go to Helsinki this semester.  Teaching in Helsinki is tiring but it is a lot of fun.  The students are great and it is a nice change of scenery. 
  • We have been thankful for a warm winter.  There is snow but no crazy cold days yet.

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