Monday, January 5, 2015

Year in review

2014 went by very quickly.  All in all it was a great year, below are some highlights!
  • Being a parent for a full year!  Our baby was born in October so we had just barely gotten used to the idea of being a parent when 2014 came around.  For me the best moments in 2014 were when I would come home and our child would run to greet me at the door.  A nice "hey" and a high five are priceless.  
  • Getting ready for baby 2.0. Maris is expecting again!  We will have double the trouble and double the fun come May.  It will be another baby girl.  Maris still doesn't like the name Baiba, which is my personal favorite.  It's a Latvian name that for some reason I think is just awesome.
  • First family vacation. We took our first family vacation (not including trips to visit family members) this summer.  We went to Rakvere and had a great time.
  •  Awesome summer trip to Idaho. Our baby got to come to the USA for the first time in the summer, she had a blast swimming and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.  We had a fun trip to Boise and enjoyed going to the temple. We got to see Paris on the way back home. 
  • Awesome Christmas trip to Idaho.  Since baby 2.0 is on the way we thought we would take another trip while we can.  Once the baby is born it will be a while before we come to visit again.  We are glad we came!  It had been 5 years since I had been at home for Christmas. We stopped off in Amsterdam on the way over which was awesome.
  • I had articles published for the first time in international journals (here and here).  Before I have published in local or smaller journals, very exciting to be published in the big journals.  I enjoy teaching a little more than publishing and I think the impact of teaching is also more than publishing, but as they say in academia "publish or perish".  Hence publishing gets on the list and teaching doesn't.
  • Maris helpedorganized an awesome girls camp that was a combined camp with the Helsinki stake.  She is also excited for next years camp which will be the first ever Baltic mission girls camp.
  • We all ended the year with a bad cold and a small ear infection for our child.  It was a good reminder of the wonderful health that we enjoyed throughout the year.  
2015 should be just as exciting if not more so.  Some things to be excited for
  • The 49ers will get a new head coach.  Hopefully he will be able to take them back to the Super Bowl next year.  
  • Estonia has elections in March, it is very exciting.  I try to stay politically neutral, but I do have my favorites this time!
  • Also in March, our 5 year wedding anniversary!
  • A new baby will be born sometime in May.
  • If things go well I'll finally be able to defend my PhD.

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