Monday, December 22, 2014

Party in Amsterdam! (not that kind of party)

We are spending Christmas in the US this year.  It is the first time in 5 years that we have been here for Christmas, there will be more posts coming about that!  On the way over we stopped in Amsterdam for a day and had a really nice time.  The city was very beautiful, lots of Christmas decorations were up.  In the taxi from the airport the driver recommended the red light district.  But since we both aren't into smoking weed, sleeping with prostitutes, and since we had a 14 month baby with us we decided to skip it.  Instead Maris went to the Anne Frank house and then after we all went to the zoo, and what a zoo it was!

 This is the dam square, it was nice but would not make a top 10 squares list.

The most impressive for me was the train station, I think this was in the movie the Best two years, it seemed familiar.   This picture isn't very impressive, but it was a breathtaking scene.

 We saw quite a few of these super small cars.  These are the smallest cars I have ever seen, much smaller than a smart car.  They are about as wide as a motorcycle.

 This is a museum about marijuana, we didn't go.  There were some other museums that weren't suitable to post about.  It did make me wonder if we accidentally walked through part of the red light district.  

 There were a few of these warnings up about drugs being sold on the streets.  One alert had a death count which was at 3.  This is really nice, in Estonia there is a terrible drug problem and overdose problem and no one has really done much about it. 

 Our favorite was the zoo.

 Our baby loved all the different animals.  We loved having a nice travel stroller with us.

 The most interesting part was how open the zoo felt despite being in the middle of the city center.  It was way nicer than the Tallinn zoo.  Some of the cages and areas were a bit small for the animals, but nothing unethical like the polar bear cages at the Tallinn zoo. (While the Tallinn zoo is very nice in many ways, the polar bear cages still need work.  They have been raising money for new habitats for a while now, hopefully they will be able to make the improvements soon).  They had some free roaming areas.  I felt like this monkey was going to jump right on me.  In an indoor exhibit I almost got pooped on by a large iguana!  We were walking through looking at the monkeys and then I hear a large plop I look over and see some weird stuff on the floor about 3 feet away.  I look up and a giant iguana sitting right there.  They also had bats just hanging from the ceiling.

 They often had natural barriers like this moat giving the zoo a much more open feel to it.

 Our babies favorite was probably the monkeys.  Well she also liked the moving doors a lot.  All in all it was a great trip. 

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