Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year we had an awesome multiple day Thanksgiving celebration bonanza.  I think Thanksgiving is the holiday I miss the most because they don't celebrate it here in Estonia.  We started off with a nice Thanksgiving lunch, we had Turkey and pulled pork sandwiches with a Reeses and Pico Balo candy.  We thought that Turkey sandwich meat would be it because we didn't find any other Turkey in Keila.  Maris went to the doctor Thursday morning and took a trip to Stockman's and brought home a slab of Turkey, which we ate for dinner.  They also sell sweet potatoes there for a much better price than the Keila Selver!

I bought a 7 day NFL game pass this week so I could watch the 49ers play the Redskins and then the Seahawks.  The 49ers beat the Redskins, but just barely and the Internet connection was bad.  Against the Seahawks the internet was better but the 49ers played poorly.  While I could go on about the hate, anger, and rage I feel towards the Seahawks or the frustration, disappointment, and emptiness that come from losing this important of a game, I decided to be more positive for the blog.  This is a blog of thanksgiving afterall.  Regarding the Seahawks I am thankful that two former 49ers are doing well and on the Seahawks' 53 man roster after being released by the 49ers this year.  FB Will Tukuafu (returned missionary) and DE Demarcus Dobbs.  Both are relatively younger players who work hard and are doing a good job for the Seahawks.  I wish they were still with the 49ers but its nice to see them in the league.  No doubt they are thankful for the paycheck and the chance to play in the NFL.  About the 49ers, I'm grateful they have a winning record and that they beat the Saints and Cowboys with a good chance of beating the Raiders next week.  It wasn't that long ago when the 49ers were the worst team in the league, having a winning record is something to always be thankful for.  Some wins are worth more than others.  Watching some teams lose in some ways is more gratifying than watching your own team win, and when your team can hand those other teams a loss it is pure ecstasy.  Beating the Cowboys, Saints, and Raiders in one season is priceless.

Then on Saturday we went to visit some friends the Bairds.  They are basically a carbon copy of us.  Piret is from Estonia, Zach is from the US and served a mission in Estonia, they both went to BYU.  Zach is working and getting his Masters here in engineering.  They have an 18 month old.  We're thankful for awesome friends!

2014 has been a great year, many things to be thankful for: family, friends, health, work, a nice home, the gospel, and the Hershey's company's decision to start selling Reese's peanut butter cups in Estonia and Europe!!!!!!

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a nice thanksgiving. you're killing me with the "hatred, rage and anger" towards the Seahawks.!!!