Friday, November 7, 2014

New room

 Our baby turned one a few weeks ago and for her birthday we got her some new furniture and she moved into her own room!  The furniture took a long time to get here, so she didn't get it on her birthday but that's ok.  Before the room had been an office. My desk is now in our bedroom as well as a book shelf.  Both rooms look better.  We were able to throw away a lot of stuff we didn't need anymore.  Our baby seems to like it too. When she first saw the new furniture she smiled and boy that was an awesome feeling.  Now I know why my parents enjoyed giving so much to me growing up. 

 Orange seemed to be the best color, it is gender neutral so if we need to put another kid in here future we don't need to worry about colors.  More importantly, orange is happy and we need happy colors in Estonia

 Here is a before picture so you can see the difference. 

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