Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Balcony

 Two years ago when we bought our apartment we thought it was too good to be true, the price seemed about 10-15% lower than what it should have been.  It turns out there was one main problem with the apartment, a leaky ceiling in the bedroom.  The culprit is the balcony above us.  The water comes in during a hard rain or when the snow melts.  I guess the cement floor was connected to the building (same rebar and so on) so the water would just flow into the bedroom and drip out by out light fixture.  Our crappy balcony was the reason why the apartment below us had a leaky ceiling.  Lucky for us the building management finally found a construction company that could fix the balcony.  This means a dry winter for us, no drips!

 This is a close up of the flower that was growing from our balcony.  That is the sign of a crack in the cement which is bad.  If a flower can come out of that crack, water can go in. 

 The balconies now look great.  They chipped away a lot of the old cement, drilled large holes in the balconies and filled them with cement.  They they coated the balconies with some type of covering.  They look much better than before. 

You can see that the plant and cracks are gone.  They did a nice job making sure that all the cracks were sealed, no water getting in this year.  even the crack on the wall got coated again.  The end result is no more leaks in our bedroom ceiling!  Soon we can redo the ceiling (it has some significant water damage to it).  I think the value of our apartment will go up about 10-15% and the total cost of the balcony and ceiling repairs will probably be more like 1-3%.  Three cheers for home equity!

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