Friday, November 14, 2014

Crazy nights!

I have to share this. It is just too funny to not write about.

So last night our one-year-old daughter decided to wake up at 1.45. Usually she goes back to sleep pretty soon. Not last night. I was up with her for an hour, trying really hard to get her go back to sleep. I did not work. Matthew was up with her the next hour until about four. She did not go to sleep. I tried to fall asleep, even used ear plugs, but it did not work. So I got up and said, "Take her for a car ride." Matthew did. Four in the morning.

20 minutes or so later he comes home, she is very much awake and not a bit sleepy.

Now the craziest part of it all: Matthew was pulled over by a police officer. He said he was quite nervous because he is driving with a permit and we were not sure if he really can. But he can, so that is good news. Last night, we got our answers. They did a breath alcohol test and let him go. No problems. But still pretty scary. I had just been thinking when they left that hopefully police would not pull him over.

At 4.30 or so we sat her down and gave her steamed sweet potatoes, rye bread and corn. She ate it all, drank some water and went back to sleep.

I have to say: what a crazy night!

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