Friday, October 24, 2014

Vote for Jana Jones!

Dear Idaho voters,

I hope you will take the time to actually think about who you vote for this upcoming election.  I have a feeling that a large majority of the voters just vote for the candidate who is affiliated with the Republican party.  This is problematic because this doesn't reflect the qualities of the candidate!  For example the Idaho's Superintendent of Public Instruction. We have a Democrat Jana Jones who has an impressive background and who would be very capable for the job.  The Republican candidate Sherri Ybarra has now lied twice about her history and plagiarized Jana Jones' website!  Somehow the she is still in the lead. From this news article (a second one here) a brief summary of her missteps:
  •  Lied about education: "Sherri Ybarra... claimed for months that she expected to get a doctorate in education in August. But in August, Ybarra had only been enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of Idaho for one semester."

  • Plagiarized Jana Jone's campaign website: 
  • Lied about marital history:
  • Snubbed an important IASA conference only to be seen having coffee in the same part of Boise during the conference. 
After the disastrous tenure by former superintendent Tom Luna, Idaho cannot afford to blow it again.  Vote for Jana Jones.

UPDATE: Ybarra won.  Great job Idaho, good luck with that .

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