Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our firstborn is one year old! And she is pretty much super awesome.

First of all, like many kids, she loves throwing stuff in the toilet. She also knows some how what this tool is for:

She likes to ride in the laundry basket.

And she is very cute all the time, like when she hugs her blanky and falls asleep on her lamb.

She had a birthday party! She sat on her presents all day before we opened them. Owned!
Most of them are from America from Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you!

She got a new jacket and had to try it on her head. 

She got a lion walker and enjoys is very much. More that the walker itself she loves the box where it was in. She sits on it regularly.

And she loves her cute new doll. 

The day of her birthday was fun! New stuff is exciting. And the most exciting thing is to be a parent and see her get excited. People, get kids if you don´t have them yet. It is hard, too, but mostly it just makes things more fun and it makes it possible to get excited about things that you may have hated before, like snow or winter. 

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