Thursday, September 4, 2014


 On Wednesday US President Barack Obama visited Estonia before his trip to the NATO summit in Wales.  This was a great moment for Estonia and a very symbolic visit.  Symbolic to the Baltic states, letting know that NATO was there for them, symbolic to Russia to say "stay away from the Baltics" and symbolic to other NATO allies to tell them to get in line and take collective defense seriously.   Obama gave a public lecture, the US embassy gave me 25 tickets to distribute to my students, they filled up fast.  It was a great speech, whoever wrote it earned his/her salary.  One student said that she had a tear in her eye it was so moving.

Here is a 14 min part of it I found on youtube.


 The security measures were amazing, these visits cost tens of millions so I am told.  The city was full of policemen.

  I was way in the back, hence the poor photos but some students were on the ground level pretty close.  Another example why studying International Relations at Tallinn University is a great idea.

 There was a huge line, we all had to go through security but it moved pretty quickly. 

I was on my way to the airport at the same time as Obama, I saw his motorcade drive by.  There are actually two of them, so you don't know which one he is in.  I saw air force one on the run way (and a second support plane).  I was in a hurry so I didn't get a picture.  I kind of saw it take off from the airport window and missed the photo moment again! But I got to see and hear the President, the motorcade and airforce one in the same day. Pretty awesome.

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