Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall time in Keila and crazy birds

First of all, the birds. They come every fall. They take over the rooftops and the skies.

Secondly, it has been sunny, warm and foggy. Beautiful! 

Oak is Estonia´s national tree. An old folk song tells about a big oak that is found from the sea and is planted by the house of a young woman. The oak gets very big. It´s branches even block the sun and the moon. It has to be cut down. For this work a logger is found from a faraway land who does the job. After the tree is cut the song tells about things made of the wood, like a wedding chest, church benches and doors. Similar folk songs and stories are found all over the world - big trees just are magical. Like Yggdrasil in Norse mythology,

Keila river

Keila church

And the last thing - we have a new playground in our street and our sweet baby loves it.

You are welcome to visit us and see the wonders of Keila!

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