Sunday, September 28, 2014

How do you bake your no-bake cookies?

I made some no-bake cookies for one of the young men in my ward for his birthday.  In the past we have always had bad luck in getting them to firm up and have been short on quality peanut butter.  We never got so desperate that we tried to bake them, but sometimes we were close.  We still have some peanut butter from our summer adventures in Idaho, so we decided to give them a try after a very long break.  This time they turned out pretty good.  The bottom was a bit sticky, but after12 hours or so the stickiness was gone. 

The problem about making cookies for others is that you want them for yourselves also.  This picture is from the 2nd batch that Maris made today after church.  They turned out better than the ones I made on Saturday.  What is the secret?  This 2nd batch boiled for 1 min, mine I just waited for the butter to melt before I took it off the heat.  Some recipes call for 3 min of boiling time!  How did mine more or less turn out with no boiling? I also think that US peanut butter does a better job than the European brands.  This may have contributed to our past no-bake woes. Maybe I have just been looking for a scape goat.  I've also heard that if you boil them for too long they will be too crumbly.  These guys are hard to make, but if they turn out well they are the best. 

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