Saturday, September 6, 2014

Glorious Glasgow

I am attending the ECPR general conference in Glasgow.  The conference has been great,.  Good for contacts and good feedback to help me improve my paper.  This has been my third conference with the ECPR and they have all been good.  Unfortunately I did not get funding from Estonian foundations (funded by the EU) but the ECPR was generous enough to give me a travel grant.  This meant that I would still have to pay a significant amount from my own pocket to cover that which the travel grant did not.  I was a bit hesitant to do so, but now am glad.  It was also nice of Maris to let me dip into the family budget.  Thanks love!

I always thought Glasgow was a run down industrial city and Edinburgh was the pretty pearl of Scotland.  Boy did I get it wrong.  Glasgow is incredibly beautiful.  I was pleasantly surprised by the glory of Glasgow.  
They had the BA Political Science students help out and show us where to go.  This is a cool building on University Ave.
The University of Glasgow is glorious beyond description.  It is magical.  This is the main building.

This is also in the main building.

 One of the lecture halls.  They had a panel on the upcoming Scottish independence referendum.  One of the more interesting comments was that it won't make a huge difference either way, that both the UK and the SNP have a fairly similar social democratic vision for Scottish society.  The main Scottish polling guy thinks that it will be a no vote.  80 of 81 polls have put the no vote ahead.  The only yes vote was done for the SNP which had dubious methodology.  While I don't have strong feelings on the issue I kind of hope they vote yes. I think it would be good or Scotland and exciting for the rest of Europe.  I think it would increase fiscal and political responsibility both in Scotland and London.

 This is in their main hall, rumor has it Harry Potter 1 was partially filmed here at the university.

Another beautiful room in the university.

 Dual gender bathrooms! You don't see these every day, but it seemed to work.  No urinals, only stalls that were also dual gender.  There was another women's bathroom next to this one, I guess this was one way to reduce the line at the women's bathroom.

Right across the university is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.  The opening reception was held here, it was pretty awesome. 

 The Kelvingrove art gallery in all her glory.

 The rest of Glasgow was also beautiful.

 This was a nice church that I walked by on my way to the university.

Like the rest of Europe, the Roman influence can be felt. 

 While I am hopeful for a yes vote, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between England and Scotland.  To be honest I didn't notice a difference.  The awesome red telephone booths.

Classic fish and chips fast food places were plentiful.

The traditional Scottish breakfast was eerily similar to the traditional English breakfast.

 The grocery store also had an English feel.  I enjoyed a nice pack of Hobnobs!

Jelly Babies!

And of course they have the same electrical sockets as England.  Lucky for me the hotel had an adapter.  That combined with my European adapter meant that I was able to use my computer here in Scotland.  In a way I felt like I was leaving Europe.  The plugs, the money, driving on the left side of the road.  It was all very different from Estonia. 

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