Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Living in our own private Idaho

We have now been in Idaho for over 3 weeks now and it feels great!  This will be a mid vacation blog update!  It had been about 2 years for me since being in Idaho and 3 years for Maris.  We have loved every minute! I love the Idaho landscape.  It is very different from Estonia.  Brown and beautiful!

This is a picture from Evil Knievel's  jump site.  I had never been because they only recently opened up road access to it.

This is a view of the Snake River Canyon. 

Here is Shoshone falls, the water level was pretty low but still very beautiful. 

 This is down in the canyon taken from a jet skii. 

And here we have Idaho, and romance lies in her name!

There is nothing better than a slobbery musi from our sweet baby.  With teeth now it can be dangerous!

 We love spending time in the pool!


My parents are kind enough to baby sit for us so we can now do awesome things like go to the temple.

We also went on a date to Boise.  I hadn't been there in probably 10 years and haven't really looked around the city for longer.  I was surprised at what a beautiful and awesome place it is.    This is Maris in the big B at Boise State University.

the Idaho state capitol building

Me at the smurf turf at Boise State University!  Stay tuned for future blog entries on cousin's camp and wild birthday parties, and commentary on development strategies for Idaho in time for the upcoming elections!

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