Friday, August 29, 2014


I'm at a conference sponsored by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki.  Lots of interesting discussions about NATO, Russia, and the Baltic-Nordic region.  Very pro NATO and US positions here which is certainly understandable given the current security environment but a bit unexpected coming from Finland, a non NATO country with a deep history as a non-aligned country.  My presentation went well and I am headed home today!

 I used to think that Helsinki was a boring city, but the more I come here the more I like it.  Beautiful clean city. 

There is a cool car museum by the harbor, usually they have some old school US cars, but this time I saw this beauty!

I also saw this beauty.  In the background is a little island where we went to have dinner.  In all these fancy restaurants we had small serving sizes and fish.  It's a stark contrast to the large cheeseburgers I got used to this summer in the US.  If anyone is wondering I'll still go with the cheeseburger every time.

 There is a new statue in Helsinki! It doesn't quite have the elegance of Brussle's Manneken Pis, but it is pretty interesting.  It probably is a temporary art exhibit, but why not make it permanent.  The Helsinki landscape could use a bit of excitement.

  Every city needs a London eye!

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