Saturday, August 23, 2014

Garden cafe day in Keila / Keila hoovikohvikute päev

Today was a glorious day for our town Keila. It was a garden cafe day. They had 27 cafes! For a town of 10 000 people it is very good.

The first one we visited I forgot to take pictures. The second one was in a private school house and they offered French food and had French music playing.

We got a quiche and two crepes with strawberry jam.

 Matthew says they were more like regular pancakes.Well we just came from Paris and he ate some local crepes so that might have influenced him today.

The next one had a workshop set up and some free goodies. These pretty things are made of wool.

They use a needle to shape wool into shapes.Those little circles are made with water.

Here is a lady teaching how to do it.

A nice usage of a mill stone - in a wall.

Signs up introducing the foods and prices.

Some had even attractions for children.

Isn´t that cute?

I bought some apple juice.

One cafe had a special pavilion brought in.

I got a bread cake (with different kinds of fish, sour cream, cucumber) with many delicious layers and President´s fish balls and a little boat with some cream in it.

Matthew just looked while I ate.

They had bread sticks with cheese, rhubarb cake and cookie cake.

Another little cafe and a pavilion. More fun for kids in the background.

Old fashioned fun for kids.

A cute little sign up. This was a cafe by the city youth organization.

They even had a band that just arrived when we left - some young kids. This cafe had a menu and waiters.

There was also one cafe that local army people organized. We saw a bunch of people in uniforms.

 They offered orienteering with maps for those who love running around in the woods, and they had a shooting range there. How fun!

We only visited some of them but it was just the most awesome thing ever! Maybe I can participate next time.
This event certainly unifies people in the city - a great community project!

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