Friday, August 22, 2014

Birthday bash

We ended our trip in the US with a bang with a huge birthday bash for my Dad.  We had a great time and this just may have been the best summer ever!  How do you measure the best summer ever?  Here is a start.
  • Weight gain: I gained just over 5 kilos (about 12 pounds).  I can thank the pantry for that!
  • Weeks:  We were gone exactly 5 weeks.
  • Fruit by the foot:  The 124 fruit snacks are all gone! (I still have 9 that I haven't eaten)
  • Pounds of luggage.  We were allowed 122lbs total between the three of us and we measured in at 122 lbs.  6 lbs of peanut butter, 3 pounds of almond butter, miracle whip, protein bars, books, clothes, beef jerky, mashed potatoes, and so much more!
  • Temple trips:  I got to go 5 times to the temple! It was amazing each time.
  • Baby steps.  Our baby took her first steps this summer!
  • Courts of Ice cream, got to love the half off sales!
 We loved swimming in the pool

 Cousins' camp was awesome, we went hog wild on everything.  Especially the ice cream

 I loved seeing my siblings! Some I hadn't seen for 2 years.  Only missing my sister in Canada.

Happy Birthday Dad, we love you

One kilo probably came from this restaurant, awesome Chinese food.  Now the party is over and it is back to work.  In a few weeks the kilos will be gone but the memories will stay forever.  The best summer ever!

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