Monday, July 14, 2014

Youth conference in Latvia and St John´s day in Tõrva

We spent St John´s day in Tõrva with my family. We cooked some meat and ate cake. We also drove around in random places like this:

 Sangaste castle:
 Behind the castle:

Sangaste castle again. They made their own red bricks right there when they built the castle in 1880s (so have I have heard).

Youth conference in Latvia. We met the brother of a friend of ours, Pete, who went back to the States. He lived and studied in Estonia. His brother serves in Latvia and we were happy to meet him. This is for you, Pete!

Our baby enjoying the nature. We were Estonia´s country couple there responsible for activities, encouraging people etc. Bugs are humongous there!

Cultural experiences in Latvia: Potato-egg-ham casserole.

Some kind of Baltic cheese cake thing in thick tasteless syrup. (Kohupiimakoogi moodi asi kisselli sees)

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