Saturday, June 21, 2014

Young Women camp with Helsinki stake

We had a camp with Helsinki stake! They had 60 people who came. We had 12 people. It was a nice camp. Girls liked it. The weather was not great but they still got to swim in the Baltic sea. I planned the housing, transportation, printing and the hike (it was raining all day that day...). They had a beach hike! Here are some photos of the test hike I did early in the morning when our baby was asleep.

Something I learned from the Fins: you do not have to run faster than you have strength (Mosiah 4:27). There are people who stay inactive because they are exhausted. I see it all the time. Also - do not do things alone, find other people to help you out. They had so many leaders there with the girls. We had a couple: me and a YSA Evelin helping out. :D I try to run as fast as I have strength because I know I am running a marathon. I have helpers who serve with me but they were all at work this time. My strategy was to import help from Finland. (Thank you, Heini, Annika and Outi!) :D  Their activity rate is higher than ours and no wonder. They take it easy! My key is planning and delegating. I used to hate planning. Now that is all I do all the time and I love it. And I like when girls have responsibilities, like teaching, planning, helping out when needed.
Heavenly Father sure knew what I needed to develop. It is amazing how much I have learned these past 5 years!

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