Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seminary graduation and BOM themed cakes

Yesterday we attended our branch´s seminary graduation activity. It was the first time in Church history in Estonia that we had early morning seminary! Some kids had to be driven to Tallinn to seminary and then back to their home town near Tallinn so they can go to school. It was such a sacrifice for most kids and families. I am so proud of them all. I also went a few times to show my support to the youth. It was great! We rotated with Matthew, one week he went, the other week I went. The last day of seminary we went as a family, our sweet baby included.

This Friday we had a graduation party. I had to plan a cake decorating activity for the youth. They had to design the cakes, I bought all the materials. I found a great store in Tallinn where they sell everything you can possibly need for baking and decorating cakes. I even found Crisco there, 6 euros a piece (small can)! One senior missionary from the States said they went there with her husband and when she bought Crisco he said she is crazy for spending 6 euros on a small thing like that. She said if that is all she can get that is all she will pay.

Here are the cakes, all Book of Mormon themed, you can guess what they are about:

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  1. you both are such amazing examples. I love all the cakes and girls camp pictures. beautiful!!