Sunday, May 18, 2014


Many of you followers have been waiting patiently for the big Eurovision blog post this year, and here it is!  We are big Eurovision fans but this year there were two big problems with Eurovision.  1. Estonia did not make it into the finals!  What a shocker, Tanja had such a beautiful song.  The polls showed her making it to the finals but she just missed out.  2. We were coming back from Riga the night of Eurovision which meant we couldn't watch the finals.  We watched a few of the top songs later and here are some of them. 

The winner was Austria. Conchita Wurst is a drag queen who is known as the bearded lady. That's Europe!

Second place went to the Netherlands, they had a country song that is really nice.  If you think it is boring then make sure to listen a second time, you might just start to like it!

Sweden took third, one of my favorites

Latvia also did not make it to the finals, but they certainly had the most awesome song this year!

Overall it was a good Eurovision year.  I can't wait for next year! Eurovision forever!!

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