Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rakvere Spa hotel and Vihula, Sagadi and Palmse manors

Our first family trip to Rakvere and Lääne-Virumaa county manors!
First, we stopped to see Jägala waterfalls. Unfortunately the water levels were low. Better luck next time.

Then we went to Rakvere to see the castle from medieval times. It was super hot outside.

 Some nice views.

A really nice big castle.

Matthew was misbehaving again.

Our baby likes goats and horses  and other animals and birds.

Nice to see there is so much torturing for all the visitors.

An exhibition of swords. Replicas that you could touch as much as you wanted.

A huge chess board.

Rakvere castle walls, you can see a big bull statue if you look closely.

In Vihula manor house. It is super big! They have all the buildings renovated, like vodka mill etc. Baltic Germans liked their vodka and the money they got from producing it. Using my ancestors who had to work for free.
Eating some super sweet treats from a local bakery.

Vihula manor. They have a restaurant in the main building, one of the 50 best restaurants in Estonia.

Felt like a fancy lady hanging out in the gazebo.

Nice view from the gazebo.

There is a nice lake and a river surrounding the manor home.


The main building in the background.

Tea house

Cellar of the manor home

Sagadi manor - the next manor we visited.  They had fancy chairs and a table in every single room. I told Matthew, I wonder if all they did was sit. He said, well, they had your ancestors do all the hard work so that is what they probably did all day.

A nice view!

Entrance of the manor

Palmse manor. A few buildings behind the main building. They also had a restaurant, gardens, a palm house that was closed.

The main building. The facade was being renovated.

Lovely and cool downstairs.

We loved our trip! Estonia has so many nice places. I am already planning another trip.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Many of you followers have been waiting patiently for the big Eurovision blog post this year, and here it is!  We are big Eurovision fans but this year there were two big problems with Eurovision.  1. Estonia did not make it into the finals!  What a shocker, Tanja had such a beautiful song.  The polls showed her making it to the finals but she just missed out.  2. We were coming back from Riga the night of Eurovision which meant we couldn't watch the finals.  We watched a few of the top songs later and here are some of them. 

The winner was Austria. Conchita Wurst is a drag queen who is known as the bearded lady. That's Europe!

Second place went to the Netherlands, they had a country song that is really nice.  If you think it is boring then make sure to listen a second time, you might just start to like it!

Sweden took third, one of my favorites

Latvia also did not make it to the finals, but they certainly had the most awesome song this year!

Overall it was a good Eurovision year.  I can't wait for next year! Eurovision forever!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy birthday to me!

I recently had a birthday.  We didn't do anything too special, but it was a nice day.  I had the day off from work and that meant a nice day in Keila with the fam.  We went out to Statoil to eat for a bacon wrapped stat dog and watched Star Trek Into Darkness. 

 This year we bought a white chocolate-raspberry cheese cake, it was awesome.  It was kind of small, so I got half and Maris got half.  It was really rich and super good.

Maris got me a new blender to make awesome milk shakes and some of my favorite candy, a fruit by the foot copy!  My favorite present was from our awesome baby who gave me a mold of her foot print, how cute!