Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live below the line challenge!

I decided to do the live below the line challenge again this year!  I used it as an optional assignment to my students of non-traditional security.  Despite the chance at 3 extra credit points, only 1 student tried!  It wasn't very hard.  My friend Terry came to visit and brought my some pastries, so that helped, but I had leftover oats, pasta, and sour cream so it evened out anyway.  It's nice to take time to think about the billions of people who can't afford the basics of life and to think about what we can do to improve their situation.

 The challenge was 5 days at 1.15 euros a day for 5.75 euros total.  I spent 5.71 and then used the extra 4 cents as credit for the salt that I used during the week.  the food: 500g loaf of bread, 400g bag of pasta, 5 potatoes, 1 carrot, 500g sour cream, 8 slices of fake cheese, 2 liters of milk, 190g of baloney, and 2 sausage pastries.  You might wonder how I could afford baloney and sausage pastries?  Well they were in the past the expiration date and were half off at the store.  They were most likely the main reasons for my digestive problems during the week. 

This is my first dinner compared to Maris' dinner that night.  I have grilled cheese sandwiches, she has a nice pasta dish with chicken and veggies.  I also had two slices of a carrot, I had to make it last the whole week.

This is my last dinner, and yes you guessed it, mine is on the left and Maris' is on the right.  For those concerned I did have a glass of milk to go with it.  Maris enjoyed the time because she was able to eat healthy for 5 days in a row!  No sour cream pasta or temptations by me to eat a peanut butter/Nutella toast, which I do all the time. 

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