Saturday, March 1, 2014

February: in like a lion, out like a lamb

February was a great month for us!  Usually February is the coldest month of the year but not this year. This picture was from a week ago, the snow banks are all gone today.

Other highlights from the month:

  • Our baby rolled over! Now crawling yet, but she will be soon.
  • Our baby is eating real food now!  Buckwheat is not her favorite, millet is a bit better.
  • Our baby also did baby swimming and baby gymnastics
  • Maris began planning play dates for all of the new moms from church, new moms need to stick together!  
  • Maris has also been busy planning a combined Finland/Estonia women's camp for this summer.
  • Maris has enjoyed tending to her plants, gardening is her new hobby
  • I got a new calling and now am working with the young men which is great!
  • Work is enjoyable as always, it will get busy at the end of March and stay busy until the end of May.  
  •  We also discovered the most amazing sort of honey. Local, white, super sweet, creamy, it is fantastic! 

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