Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eesti laul 2014!

Estonia recently had the competition to choose their song for Eurovision!  Overall the songs weren't as good as last year's bunch but some were still very good.  A panel of musicians had 50% and the public had 50% to choose the top two, then the public choose the winner.

Tanja won, her song is good but not super original.

The best song by far was Sandra.  She was the favorite, but the panel of experts voted her as 2nd to last!  They all liked another song and I think they saw Sandra as the biggest threat so they all ranked her low to keep her out of the competition.  Shame on the panel for destroying Estonia's chances at Eurovision.  Lucky for Estonia their favorite did not win.  If we look at the Eurovision winners they all share the same attributes as Sandra's song: positive, catchy, simple.  It could have had a real chance to win.


Lenna (of Vanilla Ninja!) had a nice song.  She got 2nd last year in a really tight competition, I liked her song this year even better.  I think she placed 4th or 5th.

The super hot cosmos blues band had an OK song but it was in English and wasn't my favorite.  It was the panel's favorite!  It made it to the top two but luckily Tanja won.

Tanja is an ethnic Russian and I think it great that she can now represent Estonia.  Estonia's national security depends on Estonia's social cohesion not Russia.  When looking at Russia's recent occupations the occupied population welcomed the invasions, that is not a coincidence. Tanja is a great role model for everyone and is an example that Russian speakers have a place in Estonia's society and can be successful. In this sense Tanja has done more for Estonia's national security than Urmas Reinsalu who is the minister of defense.  He recently asked for more NATO planes to patrol Estonia's airspace and is trying to buy tanks.  While Tanja's song was only our second favorite we are big fans of Tanja.  Nice job Tanja you're amazing! Good luck in Brussels!

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