Friday, February 21, 2014

Some interesting foods (Soviet times and sour cream)

Here are some interesting foods that we have been eating - interesting for Americans, I suppose.

The first one is semolina mousse. I may have written about it before. I used red currants, sugar, water and semolina (like cream of wheat). I love it! You eat it with milk on top.

This one is sour cream cake. Sounds odd but it is nice and sweet and moist. And the chocolate on top makes it just perfect. I used sour cream in the dough and also mixed baked cake pieces with lots of sour cream. It is best a day later - really nice and moist.

This one is bread soup with dried fruits. Bread soup - it is a dessert - was one of the main desserts for school lunch, I suppose it is a soviet thing where people had to use what they had and could find to make something sweet and cheap. Now they sell the mix in the stores! It has dried rye bread in it, sugar, dried fruits, cinnamon. I added water, boiled and let it stand for some time. It should be eaten when it is cold. I added lots of whipped cream because it just was not that good without it.

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