Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How becoming a mother has changed my life :)

So I started thinking that since I became a mother 3 months ago I have stopped doing many things I did before just because I do not have time for them. Here is a list of those things:

1. Playing computer games. I love Heroes of Might and Magic, The Sims and other simulations like it. Now I gave my games away because I will never have 6-7 hours a day to play any computer games. And I do not have to feel bad when general authorities talk about how we should not be idle or waste our time on games and other similar things. There have been times when I even skipped some of my lectures at school because it was so dark outside and I decided to play The Sims for a day. For a day!

2. Reading all day long. Now I can read 15 minutes before I go to sleep. Reading is wonderful but it has to be done in moderation. I do not think that reading all day for several days in a row is OK. That is what I did thinking: I will have a baby, I will never read books again, I have to read all the books in the world. I have Kindle Paperwhite now and I have read one book since our baby girl was born - not much at all! So I appreciate reading more now.

3. Going everywhere when ever I wanted to go. Does not happen any more. I go out on Sundays to go to church. And sometimes when it is not -15 degrees C outside I go to the store. It is so special. I used to go to Tallinn all the time and go to all the YW activities and extra events and movies and theatre. I really appreciate alone time now. Like when Matthew stays home and I go to the gym once in a while. Or to the store.

4. Sleeping 10 hours a day or more. It happened during pregnancy that I slept all the time and felt like a zombie. Luckily our baby is super nice and sleeps a lot during the night and I only have to get up twice now, each time for an hour or a little less. It used to be like every hour and a half because she did not eat much and then woke up and wanted more food and so it went for a month or so. It was pretty hard. New moms - you are amazing! At Christmas time I saw a couple who slept all night and woke up at 3 p.m. They are older than me and do not have kids. They have fancy show cats instead. I thought: Wow. I do not miss sleeping that much, I get by with way less now. But it does make me think how some people are really lazy or really egotistic to choose to not have kids. Kids are awesome, even after all the sacrifices. Sacrifices really make us see and appreciate things. Our baby girl  is just the best thing in the world, although she is technically not a thing but that is how people speak in English.

5. Working out 3 times a week or more. Now I work out when Matthew has the morning free and I am not super tired to go and work out. BUT instead of going to the  gym I keep myself fit by carrying the baby all the time and playing with her. Also when it was not super cold and snowy I went out to walk for and hour or so and walked about 5 km a day. I do not like winter because I have no desire to go out at all in the cold. Brrr. I always tell Matthew we have to move to Hawaii or some other place. He does not take it seriously. But when the cold strikes and it is cold for months then he jokes about it and says: I always tell you we have to move to Hawaii, why don´t you want to move. Yeah, now you see...

So these are some of the things that have changed.

One extra nice thing is that i fall asleep super fast now! Before it took me super long. So... great!

In the end I really like being a mom. Our baby is funny, smart, gentle and loving, yes, at 3 months she is that and way more. I like spending time with her and she makes me understand how some things we like to do in life, sometimes not in moderation, are just plain waste of time. It is nice to feel that what I am doing now makes me a better person. And the progress is fast and aggressive! Have to go now, the baby woke up! :)

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