Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas fever!

We are all in the Christmas mood here in Estonia! We decorated the apartment on Sunday, it didn't take long but it was sure fun!
 This is our Christmas altar! It is sure awesome to have three Christmas stockings! The one in the middle had a really nice felt Santa on it, but after a trip through the washing machine and the dryer he was gone faster than a snowman in death valley!  We also decided to decorate our bamboo plant this year.  Special thanks to Mom and Dad for making sure we will have enough presents under the Christmas tree this year.  But let's be honest, our tree is so small we will always have enough presents under the Christmas tree.  If anyone is facing a tight budget out there and wondering how to implement it without the family knowing, just get a smaller Christmas tree, it will work like a charm. 

 We have a very small Christmas tree, but we still like it.  I got it 5 years ago when I moved back to Estonia.  I thought that I would be here for 2 years, so I would splurge and get a Christmas tree.  It is still going strong. Can you see three mini star trek space ship ornaments?  They are my favorite!  It makes decorating the tree so much fun! 

 Here is an upclose one of the Enterprise

Here is another up close one of another Enterprise.  This one may have been tricky to find because it wasn't actually on the tree.  The third one is a Klingon bird of prey, you'll have to find that one on your own!

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