Saturday, December 7, 2013

All I want for Christmas is Jabari, Jerry, and Jimmer please!

The Jazz are in full rebuilding/tanking mode and it hurts.  I see former Jazz players tearing it up on other teams playing for an extreme discount.  Paul Millsap 2 years 19 million, Wes Matthews, Mo Williams, Kyle Korver, and DeMare Carrol are others who are now doing well.  Why did the Jazz let all these fine players go? It enabled them to get some draft picks (who they can only hope will one day develop into players as good as the ones previously mentioned) and they get to lose which then increases the value of their pick. 

It is tough to see them lose, but if lucky the Jazz will be able to make the playoffs next year and win the championship after that.  To do this I am asking Santa for three things this year.  I want the Jazz to draft Jabari Parker, I want to fire Corbin and bring back Jerry Sloan, and I want to sign Jimmer Fredette this off season.  Those moves would make the Jazz a contender again. 

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  1. we are all super excited for the big game tomorrow. but we are routing for the sea hawks. sorry!! it's fun here with everyone going crazy about football!