Friday, November 15, 2013

Black and white past

I am so grateful to have such and awesome family - a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter! 

The other day we were talking about what our kids will be thinking when they are bigger when it comes to our past. I was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in an interesting place and conditions. Here is my birth certificate:

 I will also add some photos from my childhood that I cherish very much. My childhood was black and white, at least some of it.

Me and my little sister Kadi. I have a strong relationship with nature, and you notice that in the photos too. We used to hang out a lot in the woods with my dad. What and awesome dad I have!

Here is my cousin. I love this photo because I look like a mafia boss from some movie. Notice the stroller! There are more awesome strollers in the photos. In Estonia strollers are such a big part of life. Every day I go walking for an hour and I sometimes pass tens of moms out with their kids, all have awesome strollers built to last all natural disasters etc. Keila has tons of moms and it is so nice that they are out there all the time. I always smile when I pass them. Estonians do not say hi to strangers, though. We are odd, I know. It is the northern modesty.

I love this photo because of the look. So young but so deep.

Me and a cat we had back then. Look at the rubber boots!

Lake in Tõrva. I am so stylish in my sloppy outfit. This is my childhood lake where I learned how to swim.

Love my sister in this photo - awesome facial expression! And look at my bangs! And the matching outfits!

Another stroller! And an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Me with my mommy.

Me and my 3 sisters and our mom.

See the calendar on the wall - 1987 when I was born.

My daddy and my little sister Ele.

Me and Ele.

Family is everything! I am so happy to have wonderful family members in Estonia, in the USA and everywhere else in the world. 

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