Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I am endorcing Mike Simpson in the 2014 Republican primary

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The 2014 House race will be an exciting one for the 2nd Congressional district in Idaho (Twin Falls, Idaho Falls).  Mike Simpson, who has been in office since 1999, is facing a real challenge in the Republican primary.  The Republican primary in Idaho is kind of like the NFC championship used to be in the 1990's, the team that won it was automatically going to win the Super Bowl.  I'm not sure who the Democratic candidate will be but I know he won't win.  

Bryan Smith is challenging Mike Simpson from the right with the support of the Club for Growth, a right wing anti-tax lobby.  In the current poisoned political culture there is understandably a high interest in a GOP challenger.  People are disappointed in the current state of the country and they are disappointed in the way business is done in Washington.  I am endorsing Mike Simpson because he is one of the few people who is actually interested in governing.  While this might not seem to be a ground breaking statement, it is unfortunately true for only a few members of the Republican party.  What is even more shocking is the public support radical politicians receive from the public who do not fully comprehend the dangers of a dysfunctional country.  

A prime example of this is the recent vote to fund the government.  This ended the 16 day partial government shutdown and avoided a default on US debt.  The consequence of a default by the US would have been detrimental to the US economy and to US interests around the world.  For details please read the following articles here, here, and here.  In addition to the short term economic impact (recession, loss of jobs, massive spike in interest rates including mortgages) there would be significant long term losses for the US.  Currently the US Dollar is the global reserve currency because US treasury bonds are safe and widely accepted.  This "exorbitant privilege" is worth about 3% of our GDP according to Barry Eichengreen.  He correctly warned us of this problem when he said "The only plausible scenario for a dollar crash is one in which we bring it upon ourselves". 

At this point you must be asking how someone in their right might could actually support policies that would drive the US into a short term depression while also wiping out 3% of our GDP in the long term.  Surprisingly, this is what 3/4ths of Idaho's elected officials decided to do.  Jim Risch, Mike Crapo, and Raul Labrador all voted no on H.R. 2775.  The bill was flawed and only kicked the can down the road, but is that a reason to welcome economic destruction to our country?  The bill does not solve our problems, but it did avoid a global crisis. 

Mike Simpson was the only one from Idaho to vote to pass the bill.  Though I have not alway supported everything Mike Simpson has voted for. When I haven't agreed I have written him to let him know.  He has kindly responded every time.  This critical vote shows that he is serious about governing the country.  He is more concerned about the lives of Idahoans than winning an abstract ideological crusade. Bryan Smith has called Mike Simpson a liberal who has forgotten conservative Idaho values. Mr. Smith, since when did defaulting on our national debt become a conservative Idaho value?  Since when did shutting down the government become a conservative Idaho value? Since when did ruining the good faith and credit of the USA become a conservative Idaho value?  Since when did sponsoring a depression and destroying the wealth of Idahoans become a conservative Idaho value?  You sir are the one who does not understand true conservative Idaho principles.  

For those looking for a rare conservative statesman in this unfortunate day of ideological crusaders I encourage you to endorse Mike Simpson for the Idaho 2nd district in the 2014 House of Representatives election.  If you do, you won't regret it.  

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