Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open letter to Dennis Lindsey

Dear Dennis Lindsey,

I would like to thank you for your vision and work as general manager of the Utah Jazz. You have correctly changed strategy from last year's compete and kind of develop, to this year's develop strategy.  This has been a good off season for you, but it is not complete.  I am asking you to make the trade for Jimmer Fredette right now.  Jimmer is what the team needs and what the fans need.  He will make the Jazz better, bring in more money, and will fit into the youth movement currently underway.  Please make the trade!

Last year the Jazz tried to compete while still developing their younger players.  The result was that they were not competitive and they were not able to develop their younger players as older veterans (Millsap, Jefferson, Randy Foye, and Mo Williams) took too many minutes away from players like Favors, Kanter, and Burks.  You let some good fan favorites walk (Millap, Mo Williams) to clear up cap space.  That cap space did two things.  It will enable the young players to get minutes and develop, and it enabled you to trade for some bad, overpriced players and a few first round draft picks.  Bad overpriced players are not a bad thing, we realize you had to meet the salary minimum for this year with expiring contracts, which enables you to spend money on Favors and Hayward next year. 

There is a fine line between developing and tanking, right now you are very close to tanking mode.  This is unacceptable to Jazz fans around the world.  For the Jazz, winning and competing has value.  The Jazz are too good to seriously compete for the worst team in the league (thank you Sixers).  So what value does tanking have for the Jazz?  The hope for a number 5 or 6 draft pick?  This is what the Kings and T-Wolves do every single year.  The Jazz should be lauded for their decision to give playing time to younger players and to collect future assets, but there is no reason to tank.  The Jazz players are young, but they are not rookies (except for Burke).  They are all primed for break out years.  The Jazz have real talent and potential for this year not next year.  One of the best developmental tools is to win!  Give these young Jazz players some playoff experience.  Tanking will tell them that they are expected to lose.

The prime problem the Jazz have is at the PG position.  We have good bigs and wings, but the PG position will cause us to lose many games.  Our super star rookie Burke is out with a broken finger and this leaves us in a world of hurt.  If you say that Scott Machado (0-6 yesterday against the Lakers) or 29 year old Lester Hudson is the answer I will scream.  Our team has a serious offensive problem, most of it coming from the lack of production at the PG position.  This is why you need to make a trade for Jimmer Fredette right now.

Jimmer Fredette is a great young offensive talent at the PG position.  He is great at shooting the 3 and creating his own shot.  The last 4 preseason games have highlighted the problem the Jazz have with scoring and shooting!  Jimmer would be able to step in and turn our weakest link into a strong link.  He easily fits into our long term plans as a 6th man spark plug off the bench when Burke eventually develops into a quality PG (at least that is what we are counting on).  It isn't a sure thing that Burks and Burke will develop into super star guards.  Bringing in a third option increases the chances of at least one of them developing. 

Jimmer would cost 2.7 million this year and 3.1 million next year, but he would bring in at least triple that in terms of revenue for the team.  Ticket sales would rise as would jersey sales.  Playoff revenue could also be accounted to what he would bring to the team. 

The casual reader would think, boy it would cost a lot to get such a young stud who would be a perfect fit.  Actually it would cost almost nothing.  1. His salary is reasonable both in terms of dollars and length.  This lets us keep our flexibility. 2. The assets to give up are very low.  The most we would have to give up is the 2017 first round pick, but 2nd rounders and cash might do it as well.  Jimmer has fallen out of the rotation for the Kings and his value to them and their future is extremely low.  3. Lower draft pick in the 2014 draft, because of the better record Jimmer would give to the Jazz.  If the Jazz were really serious about trying to get Wiggins, they would not have signed John Lucas III, instead they would have gone with Hudson and Machado only.  They also could have traded away Jermey Evans and some of their other non core players.  You see, pure tanking goes against everything the Jazz beleive in. 

Adding Jimmer Fredette would give the Jazz shooting and scoring from a position of need.  He not only would increase revenue significantly, he would increase the Jazz's ability to compete this year and for years to come.  Despite what you might think, the cost involved to get  him is insignificant, in terms of salary, assets, and lost opportunity.  I applaud your efforts to develop the young Jazz players, but warn you to not tank.  It would be an insult to the entire franchise.  Please trade for Jimmer Fredette. 

Matthew Crandall

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