Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to look 10 years younger

Recently I decided to grow a beard, it turned out rather well but I decided not to make it permanent.  When I shaved I was surprised to see my boyish face again! I looked about 10 years younger.  I'm not sure if this experiment was a subconscious response to my 30th birthday some months ago or not.  One thing is for sure, if someone wants to look 10 years younger growing a beard and then shaving it off might be the easiest (certainly cheapest) way of doing it!  It worked so well I might have to try it again some day, maybe when I turn 40 :)

PS I decided to shave the beard off piece by piece, so I had a BYU approved mustache for a day.  A trimmed beard looks a million times better than a mustache.  Because this is an open blog, I won't add any pictures of the mustache.  I'd hate for it to go viral and then have some cyber-bully get hold of it. 

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