Saturday, August 24, 2013

The real deal

This will be the last post on LDS church finances.  I am very tempted to start up a new blog that would deal exclusively with LDS church finances.  I feel that this is a subject that interests many and is a subject that needs the discussion and attention.  The last few posts were much more successful than I ever could have imagined.  This month set a record for most views and the blog post on mega-projects was even highlighted on  You can see it here. I enjoyed the comments that were written both there and on this blog.  There is much more to discuss and blog about regarding church finances.  Some topics that need discussion are the role church investments and businesses (not the expenditures of tithing) play in fulfilling the mission of the church.  (Why does the church own a billion dollar ranch in Florida?).  The impact of Deseret Industries and LDS employment services.  The impact of the Perpetual Education Fund on Tithing revenue, capitalism and Mormonism, and so much more.  A full time blog would take a lot of time and I have many activities in the upcoming year.  For now the previous posts will have to do.

To conclude this series of blog entries I wanted to share two thoughts I had the other day.  I am writing this blog on my way back home from the Helsinki temple.  There I felt the confirmation of two principles that I have felt before numerous times.  First, that temple covenants are very real.  God is a God of love and he is waiting for us to come back to him in heaven.  Temple covenants help us become better people and help us stay on the path that leads us back to him.  Second, the leaders of the LDS church are true messengers from God. I have seen this in regards to church finances as well.  The Perpetual Education Fund and the decision to build many smaller temples are just some examples.  This doesn't mean that everything is perfect all the time, as previous blog posts have highlighted this is an organization that has issues just like very other.  I now better understand certain phrases such as "the church is true, not its people" and "the gospel is true, not the church".  In short I wanted to state that my experiences have shown that the LDS church really is the Church of Jesus Christ, it's the real deal.

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