Friday, August 9, 2013

Matthew is a blood donor!

Today Matthew went and donated some blood, 500 ml, to be precise.
Estonian Blood Center goes around in different cities and towns and people can visit their tents and donate blood.

Today we discovered that Matthew has blood type A, mine is A+. We are not sure if he is A- or A+, yet. He did not know before what his blood type is. Or could not remember. He has donated blood before but that was a decade ago or more. So it was about time to save the world!

What is awesome is that every person who donates blood gets some goodies:

Matthew got a chocolate bar with little happy blood drops on it, glucose pills or tablets, Omega-3 pills and a nice certificate. Some of it he won in a lottery. Every donor rolled the dice and Matthew got two pairs! So he got glucose and Omega-3 pills. The lady who gave him the certificate came in the tent and asked, "Where is that person with that complicated name?" Matthew told them they did good - his name was spelled perfectly. Estonians often write Grandall and spell it in a funny way. All the ladies working there were very happy about him speaking Estonian so well. Every time Matthew answers to that comment, "Estonia - Estonian language" (Eesti maa, eesti keel). They are very happy about that. Does not happen often that someone learns the language and stays to live here. He is a rarity!

I unfortunately cannot donate blood because I am pregnant and if I was not I still could not do it: I have a condition where 500 ml is too much for me. Twice I have felt sick, once vomited in the street and passed out. Some people thought that I was drunk, apparently. I would have said something if I had not been totally zoned out. The second time I did it I wanted to make sure I should not donate blood and I am very sure now. It is proven! :D

We encourage everyone to donate blood, if possible.

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