Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A great summer

Today at work there is an opening reception which officially signals the end of summer and it has been a great one. Here are some highlights of the summer with some fun summer pictures:
  • Trip to Norway for a conference
  • Visit from Lynne, Mom, and Dad.  We especially loved the visit to Padise and Keila
  • Youth conference in Latvia
  • A nice trip to the Helsinki temple
  • Trip to T├Árva to visit Maris' family
  • Great weather. This was one of the few summers where there was enough sun and warm weather! A good year to stay in Estonia
  • The new trains finally began taking passengers after a 6 month testing period
  • Watching all the Harry Potter movies for the first time
  • Watching season 1 of Star Trek the Next Generation
  • Getting excited for a new baby girl! So far so good.  Maris has done a great job, she'll be a wonderful mom.
  • New grocery store opened right across the street from us
  • Lot's of reading
  • Lot's of getting ready for the new semester.  I'm excited for my courses and for my students.
  • A nice walk through Keila's walking paths in the forest.
  • Visits from friends.
  • Working out at the fitness center.
  • Going out to the movies

 A really interesting thing happens in Keila, towards the end of the summer and in the Fall hundreds of Seagulls come and take over.  This is the building across the street, dozens of them just hang out every single day.  Sometimes they are super noisy.

 What is normally a beautiful blue roof is now somewhat white.

 There are also giant slugs in Keila!!  When it rains by the bushes you can see them.  This one is almost 6 inches (10-11 cm) long.  We have seen even bigger ones!

 We went for a hike in the forest, it was beautiful!

 Keila's walking paths which double as cross country skiing paths in the winter time.

 The new store that opened up right across the street, we like it!

Our friend Katre came to visit us in Keila!  It had been a few years since we had seen her, thanks for coming!  As you can tell from the picture sun tanning was not one of my summer activities!

Now it is off to work!

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  1. that's so nice you have a grocery store right across the street! and that slug is huge. and gross.