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A few weeks back I went to a conference in Bergen Norway to present a paper.  We used it as a great opportunity to have a nice get together with my parents and Lynne before she leaves on her mission.  It was an awesome trip.  The prices were heart burn inducing high, but that aside it was awesome. 
 We had a nice time going to church there, a lot of nice people there and a nice building there too.  They had an English Sunday school class which was nice. 

 This is one of the funniest statues I have seen, a little naked boy getting soaked with water.  If you look at his face you can tell he isn't happy about it!

 Bergen was a beautiful city, these houses are some of the more famous ones. 

 We are going to miss Lynne when she goes on a mission!  While I was in some sessions for my conference everyone else went exploring, this was an old tower that they went to.

Me at the conference.  It wasn't my favorite conference but the location was great!

We rode a train up the mountain, it was pretty awesome.
 Mom and Dad at the top
 Mom and Lynne at the top
 Me and Maris at the top
 At the top they have some nice hiking trails.  Of course we didn't hike them we drove around on them, all the beauties of hiking without the effort!  A few spots were a little tight with the car and some hikers weren't too eager to get out of our way but it all turned out ok. 

 Maris at the top.
 While I was at the conference everyone went to  a Grieg concert, it was one of the highlights for them.  At first I was like who cares I don't even know who Grieg is, then I found out he was the guy who wrote the good morning song!!!

Maris' favorite was march of the trolls

 One of my favorite things was the aquarium.  They had some awesome penguins. 

 Since Maris is pregnant she wears her awesome stretchy pants.  And for those of you still looking at her pants there is an awesome waterfall behind her. 

 Me and Lynne feeding the fish.  In 2 weeks Lynne will be a fisher of men!  We are proud of you Lynne!

 Our favorite part of Norway was "Norway in a nutshell"  It was a train, boat, and bus ride.  We saw some amazing things.  One was this waterfall.  They also played some Norwegian folk music and had a Norwegian girl dancing below the waterfall it was pretty neat. 

 The boat trip was really nice.  It was even prettier than the Snake River Canyon if you can believe it!


This was the luxury restaurant in our hotel.  You can tell that the owner doesn't speak English.  Needless to say we did not eat there. 

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  1. you got some great pictures!! looks so beautiful. my kids thought that statue was hilarious.