Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New trains

On July 1st the new trains entered service!  Some of the old trains will still be working until the 27th, so for the first two days we still got old trains, but tonight I got to ride a new train!  It was fantastic, worth the wait.  I think it is the closest thing to time travel that I will ever experience.  It was like going from 1970 Soviet Union to 2020 Western Europe.  Here is what makes the new train so amazing:
  • Ground level entry.  Instead of walking up several steep stairs (good luck if you are in a wheel chair or with a baby stroller) you just walk on.
  • Smooth ride.  Instead of bouncing all over the place at high speeds the train just cruises along.  Instead of jolting at the beginning because every train car is loosely connected with a 50 year old hook system, it just moves as one single unit.  It is also very quiet, no loud heating systems. 
  • Air conditioning.  It is sure great to have a modern climate control system, no freezing in the winter time and no sweating like a pig in the summer time!
  • Incredible acceleration, not quite as fast as a Z06 Corvette, but compared to the old train it feels like one.  It is like going from a 3 cylinder Geo metro to a 8 cylinder Corvette. 
  • It is gorgeous!  Estonia needs more colors, and this will do the trick in the winter time.
 They have a nice monitor inside that gives the time, date, speed, temperature and a list of the next stops with the estimated time of arrival for each stop!

The wagons are all connected!

Here is a picture of the old train for a reference point.  

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  1. nice!! I love how the wagons are all connected.